Are you a fan of TED Talks? Want to experience the event live?

TEDxStockholm welcomes you to Lighthouse – an enlightening and amazing experience of live TED talks where 7 speakers and 2 artists will share new brilliant ideas that will bring light into our lives, followed by a bright and uplifting After Party.

Our Lighthouse event will include talks on the topics of technology, entertainment, design, education, science and society.

We will look into the past and future of music, what will prevail and what will emerge and disrupt the industry, how the new generation, often named millennials, bring some important lessons and challenges in the future workforce, how data can not only explain, but also empower individuals and break glass ceilings, how imagination cannot be defined by constructs of usefulness and pragmatism and how to keep it alive.

We will explore what AI can offer for education, what you can learn by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat, and how to restructure your home so that we will not need planets of resources to support our needs in twenty years.

During November, TEDxStockholm will release information about this event on the website, newsletter, and on social media (@tedxstockholm #TEDxSthlm). Follow us to get all the up-to-date news on the biggest event TEDxStockholm will have to date!

– Event is in English
– Doors open at 2pm, with event beginning at 3pm. After party is from 8pm until 1am.
– No tickets sold at the door
– No photography allowed during the talks. All talks are recorded for future use.
– Please bring your ticket via print or mobile for entry
How do I get to the venue?
– As the talks will be recorded we will not be letting people in to the venue when a talk has started. You will have to wait to be seated in an intermission.

“Extraordinarily professional production (..) Now I understand why the talks shown at
receive always so much energy, ovations and applauses from the audience.”

– Expressen, about TEDxStockholm’s last event.