Are you a fan of TED Talks? Want to experience the event live?

Travel with us to Wonderland – A place of limitless possibilities. Awaken your imagination, question your beliefs and step out of the norm. Wonderland is a place where assumptions are challenged and imagination is ignited.

The journey begins November 24th at Radisson Blu Waterfront.

Experience the magic of TEDx Talks LIVE and the chance to share innovative ideas for the first time. The team at TEDxStockholm are preparing an immersive experience to lead you to Wonderland with talks to push your imagination. The day will be filled with entertainment, catering and mingling with other creative, TED fans as well. 

During November, TEDxStockholm will release information about this event on the website, newsletter, and on social media (@tedxstockholm #TEDxStockholm). Follow us to get all the up-to-date news on this year ‘s event TEDxStockholm will have to date!



– Event is in English
– Doors open at 2pm, with event beginning at 3pm.
– No FREE parking
– No tickets sold at the door
– No photography allowed during the talks. All talks are recorded for future use.
– Please bring your ticket via print or mobile for entry
– How do I get to the venue?
– As the talks will be recorded we will not be letting people in to the venue when a talk has started. You will have to wait to be seated in an intermission.

“Extraordinarily professional production (..) Now I understand why the talks shown at TED.com
receive always so much energy, ovations and applauses from the audience.”

– Expressen, about TEDxStockholm’s last event.