Earlier this year we reflected on the past and 10 years of TEDx and TEDxStockholm with the Salon event, Reflections. Now, we’re setting our sights on what’s next with the main event of 2019, FAST FORWARD>>

How did you imagine 2019 would look like 10 years ago? Or 20 years ago? Maybe not exactly as it is now or maybe you imagined it like it is? Now, we have technology making our life smoother with things like facial recognition to chip implants, better medicine than ever, expansive art and so so much more. But we’ve also got more issues to tackle than ever from climate change, inequality, societal issues and more. At TEDxStockholm, we will be exploring the theme of FAST FORWARD, bringing speakers to share their ideas that could propel us into a better tomorrow.

Join us November 16th at Hotel AtSix for the main TEDxStockholm event of 2019, FAST FORWARD.

– Event is in English
– Doors open at 2pm, with event beginning at 3pm.
– No FREE parking
– No tickets sold at the door
– No photography allowed during the talks. All talks are recorded for future use.
– Please bring your ticket via print or mobile for entry
– How do I get to the venue?
– As the talks will be recorded we will not be letting people in to the venue when a talk has started. You will have to wait to be seated in an intermission.
– Want to know more? Read our FAQ.


“Extraordinarily professional production (..) Now I understand why the talks shown at
receive always so much energy, ovations and applauses from the audience.”

– Expressen, about TEDxStockholm’s last event.