Eva Karin Gidlund

Eva Karin Gidlund

A researcher on the effects of exercise on a molecular level, Eva-Karin Gidlund works at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Karolinska Institutet. Specifically: human molecular exercise physiology with special reference to mitochondrial biogenesis. Her experiments started as a four year old in her childhood home kitchen, growing up in northern Sweden on the island Alnö, Sundsvall.

Eva-Karin’s passion for sports and human biology research have awarded her several scholarships, and made her a frequent lecturer and public science profile outside of the academia. Her interests for physical activity and its benefit both in healthy subject and in patients, is also part of Eva-Karin’s own personal story.

Eva-Karin’s father having a blood disease, suffering several heart attacks, and two cardiac arrests, her father survived and lived to experience another twenty years. No matter his state of health, he kept being physically active even though most of the time it meant just doing something instead of nothing.

Ultimately her experience and passion is what makes her an excellent TED-profile. In her talk, Eva-Karin will bring us the vital science worthy knowing whenever we exercise, or perhaps even more, when we chose not to.